Naomi Scott.

Bed Red Machine

Secretly Group and Straight & Narrow Artist Management came to me in early June 2021 asking if I would like to make a glitchy, willfully confusing site to introduce the forthcoming Big Red Machine album. I definitely would.

The plan was for 3 separate song releases across 5 days, with the site launching a couple of days before the first release, to hint at what was to come. The collaged artwork, by Graham Tolbert, had a glitched feel that I pulled into the site with some fun use of css animation. We wanted to have countdowns to all three single releases present from the initial launch. Instead of having them all visible at once, I layered them on top of each other and randomly showed one on a 5 second timer, making it appear that a single timer was glitching.

As each song was released, the site adjusted to add the corresponding video and album information, culminating in the release of an eagerly awaited collaboration with Taylor Swift.