Naomi Scott.

bing and ruth in motion

The concept: David Moore, the musician behind Bing & Ruth, had got extremely interested in running in the period of time leading up to the release of his 4th record, Species, and was keen to explore the intersection of music and running somehow in the promotion of the record. Whilst running playlist generators had certainly been done before, I felt that there was an interesting angle around the ambient nature of Bing & Ruth’s music and the slower paces favoured by long distance running. ‘Bing & Ruth would like you to slow down’ was the phrase that guided the idea.

The project: Whilst other work out playlist generators tend to care primarily about BPM, and the content and quality of the tracks come second, I wanted this to be a curated list. To begin the project we asked the artist, label employees and selected taste makers to contribute to a master playlist of ambient music that they felt would be an ideal soundtrack to running. We then ordered this play list by bpm and created over 100 curated playlists with varying durations. The user enters the site, selects a bpm and then a duration and is presented with a playlist that has been randomly selected from the results that fit their parameters, on either Spotify or Apple Music.